Staying inspired and motivated

In keeping up with other blogs (I’m slowly getting back on the commenting horse – I will successfully complete an ICLW damnit!), I came across this post at The Hardest Quest. I credit Gil for inspiring me to start my own IF blog, after I read her blog shortly after I was first diagnosed. I came to the whole IF blogosphere via LiveJournal; we both happened to be in the same community and she reached out to me after an introductory post. And the last 2 months are history ;)

In the post linked above, she’s generally updating on her pregnancy, and shares this particularly inspiring, beautiful passage:

Hubby has been feeling Petit move as well. Just the night before last, he was lying in bed, arm around me (as he frequently does) and while I slept, Petit kicked him. And last night, Petit made a spectacular show of skills as Hubby’s fingers felt every move. For more than an hour, the two of us lay in the dark and giggled and grinned, smiling as Petit reacted to Hubby’s voice and the occasional poke. I am humbled by the experience; I wish nothing more than to remember exactly what this feels like. I wish nothing more than to let all of us experience these moments. We deserve it. We ALL deserve to experience this.

We do deserve this, Gil. We do. And that’s what I need to tell myself whenever I get down, when I tell myself this is going to be too hard: that this is worth it.

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  1. Gil says

    Thank you so much for your sweet words. I have total faith that your time will come. It may have taken us 6+ years to get this far, but we made it. We’re getting there. And so will you.

    Getting answers and a diagnosis is the first step, so you’re definitely on the right track. Hang in there. Because you know what? YOU DESERVE IT TOO. *hugs*