Bitter Bettie bites back!

A follow up to my last post, Call me a Bitter Bettie.

On the RESOLVE boards, someone posted almost the exact same lament I had about Facebook status updates on Monday. There were 75 replies at last count to this discussion, so it’s comforting to know there are a lot of folks dealing with IF who share my woes/frustrations/occasionally Bitter Bettie moments:

So… here are the four facebook statuses that my friends have on the site right now… I haven’t included their real names… to protect the “innocent”.
1. Julie… found out her due date – May 25th, 2010.
2. Sarah… realizes that God didn’t intended pregnant women to work 40 hour weeks.
3. Samantha…’s unborn child is very squirmy in her belly today.
And finally… my favorite… the pregnancy announcement status:
4. Maddy… is expecting #2!!
Yikes!! And so I started this discussion to put up my own facebook statuses – ones that wouldn’t be appropriate in the real facebook world.

Soccer… drank too many glasses of wine last night because she couldn’t bear another pregnancy facebook status update.


Soccer… is still NOT pregnant. Horrible needles and hormone injections didn’t work. Thanks for asking.

In the replies, someone posted this link: STFU, Parents. It’s comedy gold. From their description:

You used to be fun. Now you have a baby. If you’re being driven crazy by your friends’ baby updates every time you check your status feed, please feel free to contribute to this blog.

Miriam’s Disclaimer: I’m not parent bashing, I promise. I know I’ll get my turn in the sun, and will probably do all of these things that currently annoy me. But for now, I’m on the other end of the spectrum, and things look differently from this side of the fence. So to the parents out there that are reading this, please don’t take offense. Poor, tasteless humor is one of my favorite ways of dealing with the crap life deals you.

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  1. KRags says

    This was one of my favorite conversations on inspire! I seemed to relate to each one! Just wish I had the guts to post one!!