Calling All Health Activist Bloggers

As some of you know, I’m a member of WEGO Health, a community hub for health activists in all areas of health interests, conditions, and diagnoses. It’s a pretty nifty community and I highly recommend it if you’re in the health industry in any way. I even won their Vlog Contest last year. They have a lot of neat resources for health activists, including a webinar this Thursday that I’ll be “at” online.

Here are all the details:

With Health Activist Panel with Lisa E, Erin B, Jenni P, and Amanda D
Thursday April 21st 8-9pm EST
Sign up here and get all the details

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The webinar is for anyone from seasoned bloggers to blog-readers who want to start their own blog. The webinar will cover the basics of blogging and include more advanced tips and tricks for promoting posts, managing your time, and establishing your blog “voice” and how to raise awareness about your condition through blogging. By signing up you’ll also have a chance to ask specific questions for the Health Activist panel that will be answered during the live Q&A portion of the webinar. You’ll also get access to the archived version of the webinar.

I would highly recommend this for both my newest readers who’ve just started blogging as well as those of you “old pros” reading this out there. From an infertility standpoint, it should be an engaging session to see how we’re crafting our own stories to not only benefit ourselves, but hopefully to benefit others who read our blogs, be they friends, family, fellow bloggers, or just the random visitor from a Google search.

And to end in full disclosure: by posting this on my blog, I’m also being entered for a chance to win $100 or a $100 donation to the health charity of my choice. For more information and to find out how you can participate in this blog contest, click here: WEGO Health Blogger Contest.

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  1. Frozen Egg Donor Pro says

    That's so exciting!! I've stopped by your site a few times and it's always very informative, I like your perspective. This might actually be a nice way for me to learn more about creating my own blog ;) that could be fun! Excited for it, good luck!