WBZTV News: Infertility Doesn’t Just Affect Older Women

Check it out! Here’s the news piece from WBZ-TV, Boston’s CBS news station, on our story of infertility and how my younger age plays a factor. Reporter Christina Hager has put together a really compassionate piece and I’m so honored and grateful that she reached out to me for her story.

You can read the story here online - Infertility doesn’t just affect older women; or just hit play below. The video runs just over two and a half minutes long. (If it doesn’t load, just click the link to the story above and scroll down for the video on WBZ-TV’s website.)

  • If you’re visiting my blog from the news piece: welcome! You can get a brief overview of our infertility journey here. I’m happy to talk with folks so don’t hesitate to contact me via email (see my Media page above).
  • Correction: Larry and I need to save up $18,000 to begin IVF treatment with donor egg, not $1800, as is mentioned in the piece. Looks like they left off a zero.
  • The piece ended mentioning the Family Act, an infertility tax credit bill. You can find out more about the infertility tax credit here – and how you can help by contacting your Senators to ask for their co-sponsorship of this important legislation.
  • Please feel free to share this news story on your own blogs, FB, and Twitter. Here’s a bit.ly link for your convenience: http://cbsloc.al/isZYC3 

Thanks for tuning in and thank you Christina and WBZ-TV for helping to raise awareness for an important public health issue!

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  1. annoyed army wife says

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic piece, well, expect for the whole leaving off a zero thing. Fabulous! You were so well spoken, oh, good job! And I love that shirt you're wearing! :)

  2. twelvegrapes says

    Keiko, that was a wonderful piece. I'm so glad more and more news outlets are taking the time to focus on this issue. Your voice is our voice. Fantastic job! I keep hammering everyone I know to write their reps in support of the tax credit. We will get there!! xo

  3. Kate says

    Just as it has with this blog, I'm sure that piece on the news has helped a number of women in your community who have felt like they're alone in this journey. It was great – and you are awesome. Thank you!

  4. AnotherDreamer says

    Glad you participated in this :)

    Although, they emphasized the relaxation a bit too much… kind of miffed me. It certainly doesn't hurt to try and de-stress, but a little stress is not going to make you fail either.

  5. Caty Karther says

    Infertility used to be thought of as an older woman's problem, but that's not true. Many younger women are being treated for it. Now days it is becoming very serious problem. Which is to controlled now.

  6. Good Timing says

    FAbulous job on the interview Keiko! You are helping to give a voice to so many of us women out there!

  7. Single Mom 2b says

    Great piece! Thank you for sharing your voice. I am disappointed at the error when discussing the costs… there is a huge difference between $18,000 and $1,800…