Bracing Myself

The vote on Mississippi Initiative 26 happens tomorrow.

I have already written about what this means for infertility patients. But I need to talk about what this means for women.

It’s not just about outlawing abortion. MS 26 outlaws women in Mississippi from making informed decisions about their own bodies and lives. There are states just waiting for MS 26 to pass to they can introduce personhood legislation of their own. Tomorrow, if MS 26 passes (and it’s likely it will), the domino falls toppling over women’s reproductive rights in this country.

This is not an exaggeration. I know it seems like it, like something straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale. But I don’t think people truly realize the implications if MS 26 passes tomorrow.

It sounds so simplistic, doesn’t it? Human life begins at fertilization? Sperm meets egg and *glitter, rainbows, puppies* a little human bean is made.

Understanding that embryos are not people is simple too:

But legislation like MS 26 isn’t simple. It dredges up complicated legal maneuvering that will make it virtually impossible for fertility clinics to continue to operate in MS. It calls into doubt women’s abilities to go about their normal bodily functions without some suspicion of, “well, did she just kill a human if her fertilized egg didn’t implant?”

I mean, based on the few sentences proposed under MS 26, if a woman goes to the ER for a spontaneous miscarriage, theoretically the attending physician should call the police. If she already had other children, social services should be called.

Because under MS 26, this woman just committed manslaughter.


Trust women.

Please, if you know ANYONE who lives in Mississippi, take the 10 minutes to dig up their phone number or email address and give them a quick call or shoot of a quick email. Their vote is critical tomorrow. Tell them: VOTE NO ON 26.

I’m bracing myself for the worst. You should be too. So let’s capitalize on this nervous anticipation by getting as many people as we can AWARE of the chilling implications of MS 26 if it passes.

Let’s do ALL that we can to see that it doesn’t.

It’s not about fertility rights, it’s not about women’s rights…

It’s about human rights.

Vote No on 26

Polls open at 7am tomorrow.

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  1. says

    If only I knew of someone in that state. Seriously what are they thinking to even have this as a proposal? If I lived in that state and if it was already in affect after I just miscarried I’d go to jail. Rather scary to even think about. They really need to vote NO!

  2. Nicole says

    You know that book gave me nightmares for months when I read it in undergrad but you are right. The country is moving in that direction and it is scary.

  3. says

    Okay – so I already know my hormones are out of whack…but your post made me cry…
    The thought that women who have suffered RPL may have to endure more pain and difficulty…. wow….

    Thank you for writing this – I too wish I knew someone who lived in Mississippi…because regardless of my views on abortion… this law should not pass….