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  1. l. rowland says

    I am so relieved. I remember when coathangers killed, I knew girls who died. I still grieve my babies lost in spontaneous miscarriages and I did not kill them.
    I am clear: religious beliefs should not be imposed on people who have other/different beliefs.
    I am certain that the right to vote in private without parents or spouses present to see how people voted was very much part of this outcome.

  2. Mer says

    The sigh of relief I let out when I heard it did not pass was so loud, I’m amazed I didn’t wake anyone up.

  3. dover says

    I agree with Mer- huge sigh of relief this morning. I live in FL, though, so now we have to gear up to fight Personhood USA in next year’s election. No doubt- we can bring them down just like GA and MS have. As a woman who’s battled infertility for over 8 years- I have rights too and I’m going to fight tooth and nail to defend them! Please keep getting the word out about this issue.