Welcome to November’s ICLW!

It’s been a while since I participated in an ICLW, so I figured it was time to jump back in. (Don’t know what ICLW is? Find out here.) Not like I’m already doing NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo at the same time or anything this month. I also realized I’ve picked up more new readers in the last few months, so I thought this would be a good time to stop and take stock of who and where I am.

The Quick & Dirty ICLW Rundown

Hi! I’m Keiko. I can’t make my own babies. More specifically, my one remaining ovary can’t make babies, because it’s all sorts of broken. I have primary ovarian insufficiency (the much more hip term for premature ovarian failure) and auto-immune thyroid disease. They (my docs) suspect my ovarian disfunction is auto-immune related as well. Basically, my body totally hates itself. It’s like physiological neurosis.

I’m married to the best husband ever, Larry. We refer to ourselves in the third person as Team Zoll. We’re going on almost 4 years married and… once Larry turns 30 in December… we’ll have known each other for half of our lives. We’ll have dated/been involved for 15 years together. Unsane. But yeah, head over heels in love and he rocks.

I just started my own business, um, Wednesday. It’s called Words Empowered and it’s a social media and online consulting business so if you’re looking to jazz up your blogs or promote your brand out in the Wilds of Social Media, contact me. I’m also running a fabulous Launch Giveaway with great prizes including a free one-hour consultation and custom Facebook Fan Page Welcome Tab. And that’s just one of 4 prize packs I’m giving away. So yeah, check it out and enter today! Giveaway ends 11/30/11.

I quit my nice cushy job (with benefits!) to start said new business. I had been there for a little over 3 years and well… it was time to move on and follow my heart. After working over 7 years in higher education/student affairs, I realized that I wasn’t in love with the field as I first thought I was. Now, I’m following this social media path and seeing where it takes me. I still work part-time for RESOLVE of New England as their Director of Communications and Social Media. I <3 them. RNE was there for me in the very early days of my diagnosis, and it feels amazing to give back to the organization in such a capacity.

I have two cats. They are insane and I’m sorry, but – they’re cuter than yours. That’s just how it is folks.

My NaNoWriMo novel is going basically nowhere. I have just over a week left and too many words left to write to reach my 50,000 word goal. I’m getting nervous here, but I hope to do some serious writing over Thanksgiving weekend, namely in those entirely-too-long drives to NJ and back.

I blame Skyrim for interfering with said NaNoWriMo progress. Randomly spawning quests that could make for near endless gameplay? Tons of professions and classes to learn, level up, and master? I can pick flowers and catch butterflies AND still kill dragons and bandits? Seriously, every hour I’ve spent playing could have netted me probably another 20,000 words, easily. But it’s just. so. good.

Also to blame: Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, Castle, and Mildred Pierce. These are the things I watch and holy goodness, I’m goin’ nuts trying to figure out just how Sons is going to end for the season. I can’t handle it. I’m also eagerly awaiting the return of Mad Men. That show needs to be back on like yesterday.

That’s basically it right now. I’m very excited about the launch of Words Empowered (just had my first women’s business networking event last night) and trying desperately to finish my NaNoWriMo novel. And I’m still coping every single day with the fact that I’d really love to be able to either get pregnant naturally or start donor egg IVF already but not being able to do either right now.

I’ve found recent Facebook posts of pregnancy and birth announcements particularly painful in recent weeks. Super happy for folks (of course) but yanno, tempering that with jealousy, bitterness, sadness. If it weren’t for the fact that Facebook is part of my livelihood now, I would totally just take a break from it entirely for a while. I’m glad you have a million pictures of your newborn, but um, hi? I kind of don’t care? I mean, very happy for you and all but if I can basically make a flipbook of your new child’s life from your Wall feed, perhaps it’s time to put down the camera.


Looking forward to meeting folks and if you’ve been a lurker, come out and say hi this week. I don’t bite, I promise. I’m more of a nibbler anyway.

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  1. says

    I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how SOA is going to come up with another season after this one ends! I swear, that show gives me high blood pressure.

  2. Ashley says

    I feel like I haven’t commented in forever, between school and work I have been so busy but for some reason though we have never met I feel like that super air headed friend who forgets to call or email! Congrats on starting your own business and your writing is as awesome as ever. One of your posts touched on lightly what I have been dealing with which is the “Umm you might be infertile but we won’t know until you try to have kids” aspect a lot of women get when it comes to endo so thanks for talking about it!

  3. Marie says

    De-lurking to say thanks for getting me through the past few months. I’m in a professional school program and over 15% of my class is expecting or just had a baby, so it’s been lonely. Good luck with your business adventure!

  4. says

    No way. My cats are WAY cuter. And I have more of them. Oh wait. That probably makes me the crazy infertile cat lady. Yep. That’s me. Watching SoA and Fringe with mah kittehs.

    You rock, as always Keiko!

    ICLW #82
    [my first in over a YEAR]

  5. says

    Stopping by from ICLW. Love your writing style and humor. And yes, I had my own facebook rant earlier this week, around pregnancy announements. Ugh! Anyway, nice to “meet” you:)

  6. says

    Congrats on starting your own business!!! Maybe when I get a little more serious about my blog I will come your way. Happy Thanksgiving and ICLW!