CD2: Pillpoppa

Last blog post of the day, I swear.

In an effort to fully document this madness that is our first donor egg IVF cycle, I will be posting daily* with my CD numbers and various and sundry commentary as we get closer to retrieval and transfer, scheduled for mid-September. As in, just a couple of weeks from now.


(*and by write a post daily, I mean every day except Labor Day weekend. I’m off to a wedding in a rural area where cell phones and internet don’t work so well.)

Ya like my fancy lil pill box? I bought it in Paris. I’ve had it since high school. *French accent* I feel so cosmopolitan when I take my medicine.

It’s CD 2 all up in my lady bid’ness. After calling in my day 1 Sunday morning and then not getting home until 2AM Monday morning, I was reluctant to get out of bed at 6:30am this morning. Before I left the house, I realized I needed good luck totems and fast! So I grabbed two bracelets: a red beaded bracelet made for me by my friend Natalie (who, I got to see last night since my birthday and I’m so glad I did) and another red beaded bracelet with a tiny “hope” charm, a giveaway I won from Suzy’s blog.

I had my ultrasound and day 2 blood work done. They measured my estrogen, progesterone and FSH levels.

I would like to marry the phlebotomist that did my draw this morning: one and done in less than 30 seconds. Normally, my blood draws are a 20-30 minute affair. I should have asked her name so I can call ahead and see when she’s in, because she my new BDFF (Blood Draw Friend 4Evah).

After my draw, it was time for my date with Wanda.

A funny moment on the ultrasound table; the tech asked me to press down on my left side. After I could feel her digging around (which didn’t feel too great because hello menstrual cramps), I realized she was looking for something that wasn’t there.

“Are you looking for my left ovary?” I offered.

“Yeah,” she said, puzzled.

“Yeah, that’s because it’s not there. I had it removed 12 years ago.”

“Ok good, because I thought I was losing my mind over here.”

(Note to self: remind ultrasound tech before next appointment that I’ve only got Rightie.)

My clinic called me this afternoon with good news: baseline everything looked great and it was time to start poppin’ pills – 1 mg of estradiol, twice daily, in addition to the prentals and baby aspirin I’ve been taking.

Of course, my pills are 2mg each, so I have to use our mini-baker’s knife to cut my pills. There’s something weird about keeping a kitchen utensil in the bathroom. Something that just doesn’t feel right about that.

So at this very early stage of the game, I’m just poppin’ pills. I head back to the clinic Friday morning for more bloodwork and another ultrasound. Here’s hoping I’m done bleeding by then because, ew-transvaginal-ultrasound-while-on-my-period-ew. I know Wanda uses protection but still – it just grosses me out.

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  1. says

    Awesome, glad your bloodwork checked out! Have you considered a cheap pill cutter? Much easier (and SAFER) than a knife, and you won’t have that elusive half-pill go shooting across the room into oblivion :)

  2. says

    I HATED being wanded for those baseline u/s when I was on CD 2 or 3. HATED it. Didja ever read about that time I accidentally left in a tampon before I had a u/s?


    I am so excited for you!

  3. Jenn says

    I always hated those cd 3 ultrasounds. I always tried to get my favorite phlebotomist since she always did it quick and painless which helped on those appointments before work.

  4. Kaz says

    It’s exciting and scary. Sometimes I feel like the human pin cushion…needles, needles, needles. Let’s hope this is the last time for both of us (I have FET next week). Trying to be positive but it’s hard. I will be wishing and praying for you. Love and light from Australia. xx