CD5: Time to act.

Hey, did you know fertility treatments are expensive?

Let me clue you in our a little scenario that’s been eating away at us. So, we live in this great Commonwealth of Massachusetts and my fertility treatments are covered by my insurance, as mandated by state law. Piece. O. Cake. Right?

Ha ha ha, no.

The Massachusetts insurance mandate doesn’t cover everything related to our donor cycle. In fact, there’s a lot that’s not covered at all, including: our legal fees; our donor’s diagnostic screening; mental health screenings for both our donor and Larry and I; our clinic’s donor coordination fee; and (weirdly enough) our donor and Larry’s required FDA blood testing. And let’s not talk about how much my donor’s meds cost, even with insurance.

Then throw into the mix that our donor lives out of state, so her Day 2 and Day 5 monitoring are being conducted at a fertility clinic near her home and of course, neither my nor her insurance covers that monitoring, so that’s another out-of-pocket expense we hadn’t planned on.

We had budgeted for about a certain amount out-of-pocket, but between things we thought were covered versus what’s actually covered, we’re paying a LOT more out-of-pocket than we thought. While we’re still deeply grateful for the coverage we have, to be off by $5-6K is a bit of an issue right now.

And we’re the lucky ones who just happen to live in one of only 15 states in this country with mandated insurance coverage. To be honest, if we didn’t have any coverage, we wouldn’t even be cycling at all right now.

#   #   #

We have our own plan on how we’re going to make up that difference in what we’ve budgeted versus what it’s costing us out-of-pocket. Remember that eBook I mentioned yesterday? That’s part of it. (Which, if you’re not on my e-List, sign up now so you get get the scoop on the date my eBook drops!)

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The Family Act: tell me know know about it.

You don’t?

Let me lay it on you real nice like this:

The Family Act of 2011 (S 965/HR 3522) is a bill that proposes a tax credit for out-of-pocket costs associated with infertility treatment. It’s not seeking to create mandates in every state. It’s modeled after the current Adoption Tax Credit (which also desperately needs your help).

The Family Act was introduced last year. And now time is running out to get it off the ground in Congress. RESOLVE needs your help. Without it, we may not have this kind of opportunity again for a LONG time if this bill doesn’t become law before Congress wraps up this year.

Here’s a-what you need to know and do:

The Family Act of 2011 Needs Your Help

Lord knows we could benefit from The Family Act and there are millions of Americans just like us paying two, three, four, five times as much as we are out-of-pocket, if not more. It only takes about 10 minutes to contact your legislators. I’ve emailed, called and even visited mine in person or talked directly with their staffers. Have you?

The time to act is now.

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  1. says

    Yikes! That would be an issue for us, too. That’s something that scares me about DE…having a grasp on the cost. It drives me crazy that any of this is an issue. I hope the tax credit goes through!

    • says

      EC, if you live in the US – the best thing you can do is drop a quick email to your legislators ASAP to make sure that we DO get it to go through! :)

  2. Kristin says

    The statistic that declares that mandated coverage exists in 15 states is a bit deceiving. For example, I live in California, one of the 15, but CA mandates that health insurance companies offer a policy with IF coverage, but it does not mandate that businesses buy that policy. Another loophole, even if one lives in a state with mandated coverage, if one works for a company that operates out of many states the insurance policy may not originate from the state that mandates coverage. As a result, they aren’t covered either. Go Family Act!

    • says

      Believe me, I know about the loopholes. The very, very expensive loopholes that exist even with a mandate like Massachusetts’. That said, while the Family Act isn’t trying to make a federal mandate for coverage (hello, Affordable Care Act), it will provide a huge financial relief to thousands of Americans. Go Family Act indeed!

  3. says

    Hey hey! I wanted to let you know that my representative sent me a physical letter (so old-fashioned and I was charmed by that!) and is supporting the bill. Thank you for raising awareness!