CD7: A power ballad and a prayer.

Ultrasound went well yesterday morning and I got my med update from my clinic late yesterday afternoon. Looks like we’re upping the estrogen to pad out the ‘ute. Tomorrow, I’ll go from 1mg of oral estradiol twice a day (half a pill daily) to 2mg twice daily (2 whole pills each day). And I also get to add Estrace patches to the mix, changing them every 3 days.

Question Numero Uno re: Estrogen Patches: tips for placement?

Question Numero Dos: does anyone know if you can draw on estrogen patches? Like with a pen or sharpie marker? Because I can treat these like hormonal temporary tattoos, that would be all sorts of fun.


Like, for example, that Larry has decided to start calling me “Patches.” Because he can.

#   #   #

I’ll be honest. A “work-from-home” confessional, if you will. I get to sleep in and I do. So having to get up early- earlier than I even had to get up for work before I quit my job in November- to get to my blood and ultrasound appointments has been rough.

I am also incredibly superstitious.

So when I left yesterday morning, I began some ritual work. In the shower, I said the Shechehiyanu:

Baruch ata ” Eloheinu Melech Ha’olam she-ecḥeyanu ve’ki’eh’manu va’higiy’anu laz’man hazeh / Blessed are You, Lord Our G-d, Ruler of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion.

I put on my lucky Hello Kitty Buddha socks:

Best. Souvenir. From Japan. EVAR.

Each wrist was adorned with red beads. Hope on my right hand and healing on my left:

I’m so blessed that these bracelets were made for me, packed full of gorgeous, healing intention, by two friends – Suzy, from & my friend Natalie.

And on the 25 minute drive to my clinic, my Pumped Up playlist, loaded with power ballads. There’s nothing like driving through stodgy blue-blood New England neighborhoods with your windows down, bass cranked, blaring “The Distance” by Cake or “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Or even “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out (if you’re a fan of Portlandia, it’s the opening theme):

The song’s lyrics are more than appropriate for how I’m approaching this cycle: my mood, my attitude and my commitment:

You feel it all around yourself
You know it’s yours and no one else
You feel the thought of learning again
It’s all around
You’re tired of all the things you did
You’ll work it out



Power ballads.


My ritual of excitement,




I’m here in the Finger Lakes of New York for a friend’s wedding. I’m wrapping up this post in a lake-side cabin. The sun is calling, the gentle lapping of the waves like a siren’s song. I’ll be on blog & social media radio silence until we get back home Monday night, but you can always check out my FourSquare activity to see where I’m boppin’ around this weekend.

Readers in the States: have a marvelous Labor Day weekend :-D

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  1. says

    As to estrogen patches I have done those for HRT and I’ve always been told (along with directions) to place them on lower stomach or hip (basically fatty places for the best absorption). I’m betting your stomach will do fine since your hips and bum may be otherwise occupied with shots :( Good luck in the upcoming weeks.

  2. says

    I love the idea of making estrogen patches into temporary tattoos, haha! You are fun.

    I also love those bracelets. Maybe I’ll see how many red beads I have left later…

    The Shechehiyanu is so, so beautiful. Thank you for reminding me. <3