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  1. says

    Okay that was hilarious and you are definitely, definitely brave my friend. My DH does my shots oh so well but he’s going to be out of town next week which means time to man up for me. I was thinking to try the thigh instead. Something about twisting around at that awkward angle to do it in your bum makes me nervous. Also, I know DH does everything fast – needle in and out fast (medication in slow). It looked so painful when you were pushing in the needle slowly!

  2. says

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but I always have to give props to anyone than can do their own IM injections! I was never able to do it. I always had my nurses do the HCG injection, and my husband had to do my PIO for me. I just could not contort to do it, and mentally… I am a pro at SC injections, but those IMs FREAK ME OUT. I know they don’t hurt really, but mentally I just can not do it.

    Continuing to send you positive thoughts :)

  3. Amy says

    Oh my goodness… this cracked me up so much! Who knew that someday a progesterone injection video would make my day! Thanks for the laughs during my TWW. I’m 2dp5dt (FET) so I’m definitely working the PIO massage twice a day. Sending good thoughts your way!.

  4. says

    I can do subcu injections like it’s nothing, but IM have always scared me! Thank you for posting this video, it’s made me feel better about them, and given me a good laugh :)

  5. says

    I watched this so I can do my own shot tonight, and I want to thank you for it because I will be calling a friend and not doing this myself. HA! Thank you!