The Infertility Voice Goes Mobile!


An exciting announcement for those of you looking to get The Infertility Voice on-the-go: I've recently joined the the Infertility Survival Kit's blogroll and blog feed! The Infertility Survival Kit is an iPhone app and mobile friendly resource site to help busy patients reach valuable resources on-the-go. I recently named both the ... [Read on...]

The Courage to Be Authentic


Howdy friends! It's been far too long since my last post. For many of you who've been following along my journey and reading this blog since it's early days, you'll know that who I am and what I do are important to me. My identity - the one I craft and shape for myself - is really important to me. Creating The Infertility Voice and ... [Read on...]

The IVF Journal: Your Infertility Journey’s New, Super-Organized Best Friend

The IVF Journal

Having spent some time talking with my friend Stephanie Fry about her new book, The IVF Journal, I gained a lot more insight about all the literal blood, sweat and tears that went into crafting this incredible resource for infertility patients. Now that I've had a chance to thoroughly give The IVF Journal the read that it properly deserves, I ... [Read on...]

An Interview with Stephanie Fry, Author of “The IVF Journal”

TheIVFJournal GiveawayBadge

Stephanie Fry: professional colleague, devoted author, a dear friend. A mom after infertility who gets it, who understands exactly how painful the infertility journey can be. There are lots of awesome ways to describe Stephanie Fry and I'm so lucky that I've gotten to know her personally over the years. Her true labor of love, The IVF Journal, ... [Read on...]

Unlocking a Story

I Should Write a Book

"You should write a book, Keiko." I get this. A lot. Thing is, I would very much like to write a book. I know several wonderful folks who have in fact, written books. Like Mel (who's got a new book out this week!), Lori, Carolyn, and Pamela. Like Aprill, Krissi and Fran. Like Kristen, Stephanie and my other pal named Pamela. It's ... [Read on...]

The Search for My Egg Donor: The Katie Show’s Feel Good TV With Not So Good Labels

Katie Show Search For My Egg Donor

Did you catch Wednesday's episode of the Katie Show? No, I wasn't on it.* But the first half of the show was entitled "The Search for My Egg Donor" and focused on a young, remarkably poised 16-year old, Brittan Gilmore, reuniting with her mother's egg donor, JoLana. Here's a clip with their story (an ad might play before the ... [Read on...]

The Letter the Clinic Sent Us

This is that part about infertility - parenting afterward or otherwise - that you don't hear so much about. We have enclosed this letter as a reminder that you currently have embryos frozen and stored... It is our hope that you will choose to use these frozen embryos in the near future. We recognize, however, that many of our patients would ... [Read on...]

In Defense of the Duggars… Again


This is not my first post about the Duggars and I suspect it probably won't be the last, either. "I bet my mom wished she'd had infertility! I'm one of nine children." Someone actually said this to me, to my face, four years ago. I was in then-Senator Kerry's office at my first Advocacy Day for RESOLVE. There were two advocate groups ... [Read on...]

These are for you.


(I hope you like tulips.) According to a 2010 report from the National Retail Federation, Mother's Day is second-most popular holiday for fresh flower purchases, behind Christmas. People will spend $1.9 billion on flowers for Mother's Day. That's billion with a b. If I could buy you all flowers today, I would. These are for the ... [Read on...]