Stay Tuned.

I know - yet another apologetic "sorry I haven't been writing more regularly" post. It's a habit of mine lately. For the sake of time (because I am genuinely crunched for it on a daily basis right now), a fabulous bullet point post! What's been on my plate lately: I'm the newest Social Media Producer for Fertility Planit Three magazine pieces to be published in January Lots of writing Lots of singing Lots of family traveling A nasty head and chest cold that's plagued me for a ... Read on »

Yes, Personhood Would Ban IVF – And Here’s How


I know I've been writing about personhood a lot lately. It's an issue not only important to me as a woman, but as a member of the infertility community. In fact, it should be an issue to every member of the infertility community, because personhood directly impacts our ability to get the fertility treatments we need to build our families. Everyone seems to think that personhood is squarely focused on trying to outlaw abortion, and while that's largely true, the infertility community gets ... Read on »

Infertility Patients Are Unintended Targets of ‘Personhood’ Amendments

Folks, it is go time in Colorado and North Dakota. Personhood ballots in both states, with their vague, unscientific and definitions about when life begins, threaten the practice of IVF in both states. If Measure 1 passes in North Dakota, the state's sole fertility clinic would be forced to close its doors. Patients would have to travel out of state to seek treatment - but not to Colorado, where Amendment 67 threatens fertility clinics in that state, too. This week, I get into more complex ... Read on »

Just Relax? More Like Just Don’t, Amirite?

"You know what really grinds MY gears?"

Ask any infertility patient their least two favorite words and I betcha, dollars to donuts, you'll get the same two words every time: "Just relax!" Yes... let me just relax and all of my biological reproductive issues will just magically resolve themselves, right? I know, it's maddening. It's such a common piece of usually well-intentioned advice, but let's face it: "just relax" does a lot more harm than good. But yet we hear it all the damn time. I recently wrote about my ... Read on »

Why I Go to the RESOLVE New England Annual Infertility & Adoption Conference

RESOLVE New England

In 2009, after I had been dealt quite the blow with my premature ovarian failure diagnosis, Larry and I were left with lots of questions and few answers. We were in luck (as lucky as you can be with infertility) when I found out about the 21st RESOLVE New England Annual Fertility and Adoption Conference is Saturday, November 8th in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Full conference details are here and Scholarships are still available. New for this year: bring your +1 support person for FREE. ... Read on »

Nope, Embryos STILL Aren’t People.

Personhood: A Brief Visual Guide

This is your quarterly reminder that no: eggs, sperm, fertilized eggs, blastocysts, and/or embryos are not people. I know it seems like such a no-brainer at this point. I mean, I've only written about this twelve times since 2011. I get it, you don't have time to read. That's cool. Lemme boil this down for ya in 59 seconds: Look familiar? It should. This is a brand new version of my previous Personhood Visual Guide video. This one is no longer focused just on Mississippi's failed ... Read on »

Grieving, Breathing

fog on the water

This is one of those posts I just need to write. I debated about writing this at my other blog, but decided I wanted this post to live here. Today (Tuesday) has been flanked by death and beauty. Tonight, I hover in that liminal space in between the two, not quite limbo, not quite purgatory - but in that aspirate hesitation, that moment after you exhale but before you allow yourself another breath - that seemingly endless comma in between instinct and choice. I must, to a degree, ... Read on »

A Lesson from Malala

Malala Yousafzai wins the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

At just 17 years old, Malala Yousafzay, a Pakistani children's and educational rights activist, just became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. The Prize was awarded to fellow children's rights activist Kailash Satyarthi, of India. Malala, like many of you reading this post, got her start as a blogger - at the tender age of 11. Writing pseudonymously for the BBC, she documented her life under the Taliban's regime in Pakistan. Her powerful words brought her ... Read on »

“Remember Me” and the Days of Awe

Photo by Keiko Zoll.

For Jews around the globe, including myself, we exist now in a perilous time of year known as Yamim Noraim - the Days of Awe. The ten days in between the start of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, and the end of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, constitute the holiest days of the year for us. We are in a precarious state: G-d opens the Book of Life on Rosh HaShanah and closes it at sunset at the end of Yom Kippur. In it, G-d writes who shall be born and who shall die, who by fire, ... Read on »

2014 Voices of PCOS: The Roundup

Voices of PCOS at The Infertility Voice

Welcome to the conclusion of the 2014 Voices of PCOS blog series at The Infertility Voice, in honor of PCOS Awareness Month. This has been the biggest year yet for some amazing storytelling and experience-sharing from our Voices of PCOS guest bloggers! In case you missed any, here are all of the amazing guest blogs from this year's Voices of PCOS series. Thank you to everyone who submitted and shared their PCOS stories with us! Interested in getting involved with the next Voices of PCOS ... Read on »