Spring Awakening and Replanting Roots

I'm officially out of hibernation, and, I might joyously add, so are many of my fellow bloggers in recent days.I'm tired of living with survivor's guilt. I am wildly, wonderfully happy to be a mother. Having my son only further articulates that tangible for which this community strives: to parent and to be supported on our paths to parenthood ... [Read on...]

Today is D-Day.

Larry worked from home yesterday morning. Checking our shared Google calendars, he saw I had written in something for today."What's D-Day?" he asked me, genuinely confused that perhaps he's forgotten something important."Diagnosis Day," I said, casually, taking a bite of my Fuji apple chicken salad while Judah let out a small wail upstairs. ... [Read on...]

“A kiss at midnight…”

Photo by Keiko Zoll

Happy New Year, gang!(She says a week into the New Year already. Mea culpa... for New Year's, our whole house got norovirus for four days! It was barftastic. I'm only just getting back to normal.)Right - on to more pleasant, less barftastic things :)First of all, as I seem to post here frequently: no, I have not forgotten about you! ... [Read on...]

September is PCOS Awareness Month!


My list of PCOS articles for Answers.com is being updated daily for the remainder of September. Check this post, my Voices of PCOS page, or my Infertility.Answers.com pinboard to see the latest articles!September is both PCOS Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Over at The Infertility Voice Facebook Page, I've updated my timeline ... [Read on...]

Existential and Exhausted


Oh hai.If The Infertility Voice has felt a bit off kilter lately, you'd be correct. Things are off kilter here. Life has been hectic.(Isn't it always? I feel like that's my default excuse but in truth, my life is wicked busy right now.)I'm resolved. Our son is a pretty rad little infant. Still technically infertile.*knocks on her ... [Read on...]

Finding Infertility Answers at Answers.com

Check out my work at infertility.answers.com!

Howdy folks! Did you know I write for Answers.com as their Infertility Expert? I feel like I completely forgot to announce this here and just slapped up the badge on my sidebar without any context! I've been writing for Answers.com since May and have published 45 articles so far.I wanted to feature just a quick roundup of posts; I'm hoping ... [Read on...]