Beitzah and The Ones Who Run Back

Two posts in one today; I've had a lot on my mind but not a lot of time to write, so here they are all mashed up into one.Beitzah. It's a white-shelled reminder, just sitting there, staring at you from the middle of the seder plate: beitzah. The egg. This symbol of life, fertility and beginnings as we retell the story of The Angel of Death ... [Read on...]

“A kiss at midnight…”

Photo by Keiko Zoll

Happy New Year, gang!(She says a week into the New Year already. Mea culpa... for New Year's, our whole house got norovirus for four days! It was barftastic. I'm only just getting back to normal.)Right - on to more pleasant, less barftastic things :)First of all, as I seem to post here frequently: no, I have not forgotten about you! ... [Read on...]

Finding Infertility Answers at

Check out my work at!

Howdy folks! Did you know I write for as their Infertility Expert? I feel like I completely forgot to announce this here and just slapped up the badge on my sidebar without any context! I've been writing for since May and have published 45 articles so far.I wanted to feature just a quick roundup of posts; I'm hoping ... [Read on...]

To Glow or No?


If I had a dollar for every time I couldn't get pregnant... But wait! There's an app for that.{Hello, lovely readers. I am slowly but surely coming back to this space. More deets in a post to follow.}If you had to guess what kind of app the co-founder of PayPal and a former Google Executive was just released, you'd think personal finance, ... [Read on...]

The International Infertility Community and the #RoyalBaby Overload

royal baby overload

Guest Post by Kimberly BattenI'm Canadian. Anyone who has been around me or my blog for more than 5 minutes can figure that out. Being Canadian, we sort of have floor seats to the "Royal Baby Watch". Technically it should be important to us because this baby will one day become our king (in the non-ruling way).My mom is what many would ... [Read on...]

He’s here.

5 weeks early and one HELLUVA tale. More later. Waiting for Larry to get back from Japan. Yeah, it's THAT crazy a story. More this week. We're all okay.Hey Judah. Welcome to the world!Updated: Daddy is back in the US and we're all doing well, just waiting for our son to get out of NICU. You can find all family updates at my personal blog, ... [Read on...]

Discussing Infertility & Insurance Issues on HuffPost Live

The Infertility Voice on HuffPost Live

In case you missed it, I was featured on HuffPost Live this evening talking about insurance and infertility! Hosted by HuffPost Live producer Nancy Redd, I was joined by Dr. Sami David from Fifth Avenue Fertility and Ami Jaeger, Executive Director of the BioLaw Ethics Institute. It was a really engaging discussion but I wish it could have been at ... [Read on...]

Raise Your Infertility Voice for Advocacy Day!

Keiko Advocacy Day 2012

For the past two years, I've headed to Capitol Hill to speak up for the infertility community, courtesy of RESOLVE. For a whirlwind 24 hours, I walked all over Capitol Hill spreading the message that infertility is a disease and that the needs of infertility patients matter. I got to meet my elected officials in person. Hell, I even got a photo ... [Read on...]

Want to Write for The Infertility Voice? Here’s How!

TIV Contributors

Just a quick reminder that if you're interested in writing as a regular volunteer Contributor for The Infertility Voice, I'm accepting applications through the end of the day tomorrow, April 30th. Head here to fill out all the info!If you're interested in submitting just a post or two from time to time, instead of a regular post, you can submit ... [Read on...]

Catching Up After a Chaotic Week


Oh, hai there.Um... bit of a crazy week. I'm all like "write for The Infertility Voice!" and then just kind of peaced out. I had no idea just how chaotic this week was going to become. I posted my call for contributors just hours before the Boston Marathon bombings and it's really occupied a lot of my heart and head space the last 4 ... [Read on...]