Unresolved But In Transition

blurry woman

First and foremost, I need to say a huge HELLO! to all of you. I realize I've been MIA here at The Infertility Voice website as of late and when I got a comment on an old post today wondering where I'd went, I knew it was time to come back to this space. So firstly, me, Larry and the Knish are just fine. Promise :) I've been largely silent lately as I've been struggling with depression yet again. What I thought was due to my thyroid levels being as wonky as they have been throughout my ... Read on »

MIA (Again) Thanks to My Thyroid (Again)


For the record: hypothyroidism BLOWS. A ranty thyroid post ahead. And of course, my half-Japanese* self gets the fancy Hashimoto's variation, where my body slowly eats away at my thyroid, leaving an endocrinological nightmare in its wake. *Being half-Japanese has nothing to do with whether or not one gets Hashimoto's - I just think it's ironically clever given my ethnicity. Let's take a look at my updated Thyroid Rollercoaster™, shall we? That nice little valley that ... Read on »

CD2: Pillpoppa

Ya like my fancy lil pill box? I bought it in Paris. I've had it since high school. *French accent* I feel so cosmopolitan when I take my medicine.

Last blog post of the day, I swear. In an effort to fully document this madness that is our first donor egg IVF cycle, I will be posting daily* with my CD numbers and various and sundry commentary as we get closer to retrieval and transfer, scheduled for mid-September. As in, just a couple of weeks from now. Eep! (*and by write a post daily, I mean every day except Labor Day weekend. I'm off to a wedding in a rural area where cell phones and internet don't work so well.) It's ... Read on »

CD 1: Where’s the baby?

Mission TZ3

Wrote this post in the car yesterday on the way home from a weekend of travel. Larry's great uncle turned 83 this year. He had read somewhere that the Biblical lifespan was 70 years, he decided to re-bar mitzvah at 83, since he figured it was like starting all over again. This weekend, easily over 100 people gathered at the temple for Havdalah services, our 83-year old family member and friend standing on the bimah to once again to reaffirm his covenant with G-d. We arrived at the ... Read on »

Mission TZ3 Cycle Update

Mission TZ3

It's been crickets around here lately, I know. I've been doing a bunch of writing on the side, battling depression and having all sorts of weird feelings about this blog space that I'm still parsing out. Also, since only one person registered for my eClass that was supposed to start this weekend, I'm postponing it indefinitely right now. I may offer it again in the future - I'm not sure yet. In other news, our donor egg cycle continues to move forward. Mission TZ3 is now my official name ... Read on »

Our Cycle is Needling Away at Me

IVF Nightmares

I realize I kind of fell off the radar this week. It's been a weird week, for a variety of reasons. It's been ungodly hot and we only just put in the AC two nights ago. I've been battling migraines. And I've been coming to the realization that perhaps it's time to rethink this whole "going into business for myself" thing, which is not an easy truth to admit to yourself. I think what really set the whole thing off though was the needles. I had my follow up appointment with Dr. ... Read on »

Super Quick Post-Op Update

Hysteroscopic Gangsta

My hysteroscopy went well yesterday. Dr. Warmenfriendly did a fantastic job and the nursing staff at the facility were just incredible. I've never met such genuinely kind and attentive medical personel in my life. He went in to check on that fibroid, turns out I had a uterine septum instead! So he removed that and it looks like from a uterine perspective, I should be good to go to get a baby all up ins :-D Recovering well with the help of Advil, pajama pants, and a dutifully attentive ... Read on »

A Little Pre-Op PTSD

With this writing, this now makes the fifth time I have tried to write this post. Each time I have just been wrecked, emotionally, trying to write this. But I'm sticking to my guns and finishing it now, because I really need to, to work through some stuff emotionally. I may have mentioned a few times in the last couple of months about my impending hysteroscopy tomorrow. As many of you noted, for the most part, this should be a mildly uncomfortable walk in the park. And yet, when I say I am ... Read on »

A Confluence of Motherhood This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is this weekend. Bet that totally fell off your radars, right? Ha ha, just kidding. This date looms large on the calendar for practically every woman who's ever experienced infertility. Last year, Mother's Day hit me in the gut, this suckerpunch reminder of the thing I want most and yet can't have in this moment. Normally, Mother's Day wouldn't phase me. It didn't really, right after I was diagnosed in 2009. But as the calendar flips anew each year, there was something about ... Read on »

A Visual Guide to Our Insurance Madness

Navigating Our Insurance Options

I know I owe everyone an update post about how BlogHer Entrepreneurs was. (It was amazing.) And I have lovely pics to share from getting to meet two other bloggers IRL this weekend. (They were amazing). And I know I promised on my Facebook page that I've got a post brewing about what infertility patients can learn from entrepreneurs. (It will be amazing). But. I need to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to share with you what my husband and I have been slaving over ... Read on »