Infertility is the Most Painful Journey of Self-Discovery You’ll Ever Take

Infertility is the Most Painful Journey of Self-Discovery You'll Ever Take

I was selfish, fickle, flighty and distracted four years ago. I still am, but the difference today, four years later, is that I recognize these qualities about myself now. I am also brave, strong, bold and empowered. If you told me four years ago I would one day say that about myself, I would have laughed in your face. "I'm nothing," I would have said. "I'm broken. I'm a failure. I have no idea what tomorrow is even going to look like, let alone feel bold or empowered." That's how I ... Read on »

Behind and Beyond: Reflections on the Brink of a New Year

Happy New Year from The Infertility Voice

I love New Year's Eve. It's such a precarious, if invented demarcation between the old and the new, the past and the future, a sliver of the present in transition. For many, it's the tabula rasa, the turn of the wheel, a moment of both ending and beginning. How fitting that Janus, the two-faced Roman god who faces both his past and future, should be the inspiration for the month of January. I've reflected on 2012 through my blog posts, but it's hard to encapsulate and reflect on my year just ... Read on »