CD33: Perfect Moment Monday – In a Blue Moon

Team Zoll: Professional Badasses

This Labor Day weekend was the first I'd had off - really actually had to myself - for the first time since I was probably 4 years old. I've lived my life by the school year calendar, the first chilly morning hints of fall ushering in another year of backpacks, textbooks and new pairs of jeans. For all the years I worked in higher education, students returned to campus on that last unofficial weekend of summer, and my presence was always needed in some capacity or another. This year, we got ... Read on »

CD19 Meets CD1: Wordless Wednesday

What our "genetic" child might have looked like.

Big news, folks. It's officially our donor's Cycle Day 1. *squeeee!!* Team Zoll: Houston? Are we ready for launch? Houston: Mission TZ3, you are cleared for launch. Begin countdown sequence. That means tomorrow, she starts in on her box o'fertility drugs, including the many, many needles. I sent our friend a little note of encouragement this morning: :-) And, because I have this sitting on my desk, I thought I'd share this hilarity. Here's a picture of what our genetic ... Read on »

Unboxing My Fertility Meds

Ooooh... what's inside?

So, both my donor and I received our meds in the mail yesterday. Inspired by the unboxing video meme, I wanted to create a little unboxing slideshow of my own. I won't lie - I felt a bit like a kid on Hanukkah opening up this box last night. Am I a bit too gleeful? Perhaps. Maybe it's just because I'm super excited to finally start treatment. Or maybe I'm just an online exhibitionist weirdo. You be the judge :) Scroll down for the unboxing goodness and a desperate plea at the bottom of ... Read on »

Photos from Ireland

A nice light post for Friday, especially after my heavy one yesterday. We've finally pulled all the pictures off of both our nice camera and my iPhone from our vacation in Ireland, so I can finally share them with you all! Ireland is truly an amazing country, and despite 6 days of rain (including catastrophic record flooding in Dublin) it was still gloriously green everywhere we went. It's a fantastic couple's vacation, so I highly recommend it if you're looking for a relatively cheap ... Read on »

So… I went to Ireland last week.

Surprise! That's right: Larry and I left for Ireland last Wednesday and just got back yesterday afternoon. We're fans of off-season travel and we scored an amazing deal that included airfare, hotel, and car rental for a ridiculously cheap per person fare. Add to this a tanking European economy and it makes for an off-season travel goldmine. We took a much needed vacation and thanks to the miracle of pre-written scheduled posts, it's like I never stepped away from this blog. I hesitated to post ... Read on »

The Gratuitous Post About My Cats

Look, I know you think your cats are the cutest. And, while I'm sure they're adorable and charming, they really just can't compete with our cats. First, let me introduce you to the each of our little furballs of adorableness. Grab a bucket, because I'm about to melt your heart. This is Saba: And this handsome fellow is Toro: Yes. We named our cats after sushi. And now, I'll just let the evidence speak for itself to prove that our cats are indeed, the cutest ever. ... Read on »