Nope, Embryos STILL Aren’t People.

Personhood: A Brief Visual Guide

This is your quarterly reminder that no: eggs, sperm, fertilized eggs, blastocysts, and/or embryos are not people. I know it seems like such a no-brainer at this point. I mean, I've only written about this twelve times since 2011. I get it, you don't have time to read. That's cool. Lemme boil this down for ya in 59 seconds: Look familiar? ... [Read on...]

#IFAdvocacy Storify: Highlights from Advocacy Day 2014

Advocacy Day 2014

With 154 advocates and 160 appointments, there was a lot happening all over the Hill! G-d bless social media, amirite? Here's my Storify with a recap of highlights from the day. Enjoy! (Of course, if you want to read my very awesome highlight story of meeting Senator Elizabeth Warren in person, head here.) Highlights from the Hill [View the ... [Read on...]

I Met Senator Elizabeth Warren! (My Advocacy Day 2014)

Keiko Zoll Elizabeth Warren

My calves ache. Even though I brought two extra pairs of comfortable shoes, schlepping miles back and forth between congressional offices did a number on me. Totally worth it. #IFAdvocacy Day was simply incredible. It felt amazing to be back on Capitol Hill for my third Advocacy Day after a year off. 154 advocates. 27 states. 160 congressional ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… The Resolving Without Parenting Option


For my final "Resolve to Know More..." interview, I'm so pleased to welcome Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, author of Silent Sorority. Today's topic is resolving without parenting. I feel like people are quick to write this off as an option, but the truth is, not everyone with infertility ends up parenting. I feel like this particular option doesn't get ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… Empowered Treatment Options


Today, I'm pleased to introduce y'all to Rhonda Levy, Founder and CEO of Empowered IVF. It was actually my interview with Rhonda last month that inspired me to launch an entire interview series for NIAW. I'll let Rhonda take it away about the work she does to help empower infertility patients on their fertility treatment journeys. Hi Rhonda! ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… The Mind/Body Connection


Welcome to my third "Resolve to Know More About..." interview. Today's topic? The Mind/Body Connection! This one is pretty near and dear to my heart, because I credit a lot of the success with my first and only IVF cycle to the degree to which I tapped ifnto the mind/body connection in the months leading up to my cycle. Today we welcome Joanne ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… the Open-Hearted Adoption Option


Thinking about adoption? Does the thought of open adoption strike fear in your heart? Fret not. I'm so honored to welcome Lori Holden for today's interview to talk about not just open adoption, but open-hearted adoption. Lori Holden blogs from Denver at and can also be found @LavLuz on Twitter. Her book, The Open-Hearted Way to ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… The Surrogacy Option


Yesterday I talked a little bit about my own IVF journey. Today, we hear from Whitney Anderson, infertility advocate and mom via surrogacy. We've also got a special interview with Kymberli Barney, surrogacy advocate, former surrogate and all-around badass. First, let's hear from Whitney and her journey to parenthood via surrogacy! Whitney is an ... [Read on...]

Resolve to Know More About… The IVF Option

Here. Enjoy my slice of humble pie. So. National Infertility Awareness Week has come and gone. I promised you a whole week's worth of incredible interviews with folks from all over the infertility community. I uploaded a bunch of NIAW Facebook Timeline covers. And then? And then my website basically pooped itself. I fought with my web ... [Read on...]

Welcome to National Infertility Awareness Week 2014!

National Infertility Awareness Week

I can't believe this will be my fifth National Infertility Awareness Week. But for RESOLVE, it's an even bigger milestone: NIAW celebrates its 25th anniversary this year! Here at The Infertility Voice, I have a number of ways that you can get involved this year and help raise awareness for the 7.3 million people living with infertility in ... [Read on...]