Act Now to Help The Family Act & The Adoption Tax Credit

I've Called, Have You?

Congress is back in session, after their nice long holiday break. Now is the perfect time to call them up and let them know that hey: infertility matters and the 7.3 million Americans living with infertility could use their legislative help. "But Keiko," I hear you saying, "It's a lame duck session." True. But just because a good chunk of ... [Read on...]

IVF Raffles and the Disparity of Care: What Needs to Be Said

A Fertility Gamble

There's a piece in the NY Times this weekend about the latest infertility clinic to sponsor a raffle of an IVF cycle. And, like so many pieces on this controversial subject, it gets at the ethical dilemma of such raffles: “It is against the law to raffle off a puppy, but we’re allowed to raffle off the opportunity to have a baby?” said Pamela ... [Read on...]

CD5: Time to act.

The Family Act of 2011 Needs Your Help

Hey, did you know fertility treatments are expensive? Let me clue you in our a little scenario that's been eating away at us. So, we live in this great Commonwealth of Massachusetts and my fertility treatments are covered by my insurance, as mandated by state law. Piece. O. Cake. Right? Ha ha ha, no. The Massachusetts insurance mandate ... [Read on...]

Advocacy Day 2012: Vignettes, Voices and Images

Senator Help Me Build My Family

It was a longer trek than I thought from the Senate building to the Metro station and I was thankful that the weather had held up so beautifully. The sun was shining, the breeze tempering just the right amount of chill to dry the tiny beads of sweat forming along my eyebrows as we walked. "What was the most powerful part of the day for you?" I ... [Read on...]

Advocating for Infertility on Capitol Hill

Advocacy Day 2011

Last year, as I walked around wide-eyed and mouth agape at the cathedral ceilings of the Senate buildings, I had this weirdly patriotic sense of pride come over me. I'm not one to wave around tiny American flags, hand-over-fisting apple pie into my face. I am grateful to be an American citizen. But when I walked into my elected officials' ... [Read on...]

Speak Up & Be Heard: Infertility Advocacy Day 2012

RESOLVE Advocacy Day

  Speak Up & Be Heard is one of my four guiding principles here at The Infertility Voice. It's one of the aspects of my infertility journey that fuels me and keeps me going. And that's why Advocacy Day 2012 is a perfect extension of Speak Up & Be Heard, because it gives infertility patients the opportunity to participate in the larger ... [Read on...]

Senator Gillibrand introduces the Family Act of 2011: An Infertility Tax Credit Bill

Photo by Keiko Zoll, from Advocacy Day.Exciting news folks: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has officially introduced the Family Act into the Senate (S. 965). The Family Act is a bill that creates a tax credit to reimburse individuals for out of pocket expenses for infertility treatment. While the text of the bill has not yet been released (it ... [Read on...]