Unresolved But In Transition

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First and foremost, I need to say a huge HELLO! to all of you. I realize I've been MIA here at The Infertility Voice website as of late and when I got a comment on an old post today wondering where I'd went, I knew it was time to come back to this space. So firstly, me, Larry and the Knish are just fine. Promise :) I've been largely silent lately as I've been struggling with depression yet again. What I thought was due to my thyroid levels being as wonky as they have been throughout my ... Read on »

MIA (Again) Thanks to My Thyroid (Again)


For the record: hypothyroidism BLOWS. A ranty thyroid post ahead. And of course, my half-Japanese* self gets the fancy Hashimoto's variation, where my body slowly eats away at my thyroid, leaving an endocrinological nightmare in its wake. *Being half-Japanese has nothing to do with whether or not one gets Hashimoto's - I just think it's ironically clever given my ethnicity. Let's take a look at my updated Thyroid Rollercoaster™, shall we? That nice little valley that ... Read on »


Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: worst amusement park ride ever.

Yeah, that would be me right now. My thyroid is a shitshow right now. Just got my TSH panel back from yesterday's bloodwork and it's officially the lowest it's ever been: 0.09. Even though we like my TSH to be low, that's not necessarily a good thing. In fact, it's way too low. Remember how this summer, I felt like I was losing my mind a little bit? Yeah, it's all back with a vengeance - now with early pregnancy symptoms to boot! And, simultaneously exacerbating those symptoms as well. Good ... Read on »

A Visual Guide to Our Insurance Madness

Navigating Our Insurance Options

I know I owe everyone an update post about how BlogHer Entrepreneurs was. (It was amazing.) And I have lovely pics to share from getting to meet two other bloggers IRL this weekend. (They were amazing). And I know I promised on my Facebook page that I've got a post brewing about what infertility patients can learn from entrepreneurs. (It will be amazing). But. I need to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to share with you what my husband and I have been slaving over ... Read on »

Welcome to IComLeavWe!

iComLeavWe March 2012 Join the Conversation

  If you're here visiting from ICLW, welcome! It's been a while since I've participated and it feels good to get back on the comment horse again. For those new to ICLW, it's a great opportunity for ALI bloggers to connect with one another through comments. You can get the full scoop on how to participate over at Mel's place. The Quick Rundown on My Infertility Journey So Far I've got a busted ovary and a seriously messed up thyroid. They collude with one another to prevent me from ... Read on »

Checking in on My Lady Bits: A Doc’s Appointment Update

So when I'm not posting about the State of THE Uterus, I thought it was time for an update on the State of MY Uterus. (Previously, on Keiko's Uterus: An Overdue Post About My Lady Bits.) Since we changed health insurance providers in November, it was time to see a new doctor. As much as I would have loved to stay with previous doctor, he wasn't covered under our new insurance. So I scheduled my first physical for last week that turned out to be both "getting to know my new doctor" and "follow ... Read on »

A Chronic Illness Confessional

This is a difficult post to write today. Living with a chronic illness is not easy. This post isn't about the Pain Olympics. I'm not here to say that one chronic illness is worse than another. It's just like our infertility diagnoses; there isn't truly one that's "worse" than another because it's such a relative term with the same result. In the case of chronic illness, different diseases and syndromes and conditions present themselves on a wide spectrum of often debilitating symptoms and ... Read on »

A second opinion on everything, really.

Doc Awesome: Artist's rendition.My second opinion appointment went really well yesterday. The staff at the clinic were very professional and rather friendly. I tweeted from the office that the patients sitting in the waiting room, however, looked a bit somber, but I can't blame them. It just made the contrast between the friendliness of the staff that much more apparent. Dr. "I have an incredibly awesome/sexy South African accent" who I suppose I should just shorten to Doc Awesome was equally as ... Read on »

NaBloPoMo: And so it begins.

30 posts. 30 days. It's NaBloPoMo time, people: National Blog Posting Month.I think it's time to build off of my 7 posts in 7 days bit and move to something more advanced. I know I wrote recently that I should man up and do NaNoWriMo (also starting today) but I just don't have the energy. But blogging? Blogging for 30 days? I can do that. This is more attainable. I have to work my way up to NaNoWriMo.If you don't feel like joining the official NaBloPoMo ranks, Suzy over at Not a Fertile Myrtle ... Read on »

June ICLW: Elementally Speaking

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by for June's ICLW. (Learn more about the ICLW here and see how you can sign up for next month.) I've got a few previous ICLW intro posts to get you up to speed: ABC's of Me (November 2009), April 2010, and May 2010. For this month's intro, I think I'll try something a little different: looking at my life right now through the Four Elements. Intrigued?The Four Elements of MeEarth: What Grounds Me ~ Roots and Foundation + My husband, Larry: totally my rock, my love, my ... Read on »